Mushroom Plug Spawn

Mushroom Plug Spawn

Mushroom Plug Spawn in packets of 100 Plugs and 1000 Plugs - Postage included in the price 

PLEASE NOTE!  we usually stock some packets of 100 Plugs, but generally we need to make to order and it takes approx  2 - 3 weeks for most types, Please allow upto 4 weeks for Shiitakes as they are much slower

Our Plugs come 100% sterile in sealed Filter patch bags so your mushrooms have the best head start

We use Spiral wound dowels so the mycelium is safe in the grooves when you hammer the plugs into your logs

Inoculate your own Hardwood logs with our High yielding mushroom Plug spawn

We will have available every type of mushroom we stock very soon, so keep an eye out below, Please note we can make to order so Please email your requests

If your not ready to use your Plugs right away thats ok, it will store in the fridge for upto 2+ months

All you need is some Wax and a drill bit

Logs take around 8 - 12 months to colonize, you will need to keep them moist during this time

your logs will fruit Every year for up to 7 Years +

a quick how to video see how its done

Please note WA and TAS Customers Aussie Mushrooms kits and spawn have been approved to be imported into these states and all orders have our permit attached to them and there are no restrictions on our products

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