Substrate Materials

Substrate Materials

First Place to start is What substrate do you want to use?

the PF Tek uses Vermiculite and Brown Rice flour (or sawdust and Brown rice flour) - this is the easiest method to learn how to grow mushrooms and many types work this way


Bulk runs need rye Grain or Wheat grain - you use your colonized rye or wheat grain to start off Bulk substrates like straw / horse poo and so on for giant flushes of mushrooms, or you can make cake tins filled with your rye or wheat grain with a vermiculite casing layer

also you can make Bulk bags using spawn / grow bags - Fill your bags up with Sawdust Enriched with Wheat Bran for growing oysters and shiitake very easily as you fruit start out of the bags - How to coming soon to growing info page, Ratios under the sawdust listing 


Please contact us if you need any help learning to grow mushrooms :) 


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