Immune Assit Complete, 60 Capsules

  • Immune Assit Complete, 60 Capsules
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mune Assist Complete™ is today’s best choice for an affordable daily Immune enhancement formula. We have often been asked to create a superior immune formula suitable for daily use for maintaining good health in people who are otherwise healthy and not facing any severe health challenges. With Immune Assist Complete™ you can protect your family from the increasing number of immune health challenges they face every day. Immune Assist Complete™ contains authentic Immune Assist Micron™ - the world’s most potent immune enhancement ingredient – and a full spectrum of trace mineral from Icelandic Kelp!

 Immune Assist Complete™ is so unique it is protected by two patents with several other patents pending! Immune Assist Complete™ contains the full range of all the trace minerals required for healthy blood - in all the correct proportions! For less than half dollar a day you can give yourself and your family the maximum protection provided only by Immune Assist Complete™. 100% Made in America using American ingredients. Why trust your family’s health to anything less?

Immune Assist Complete™ is your best choice for an affordable daily immune support supplement. Stay healthy - start your family on Immune Assist Complete™ today!

100% USDA and EU Certified Organic. Made in the USA

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