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Click on the links below for the instructions of each type of fruiting kit and some other helpful guides

How to make a Mushroom Terrarium

Instructions for Side fruiting Mushroom Types 

- White, Tan, Grey, Pearl, Pink, Yellow, Ulmarius, Pheonix oysters

- Turkey Tail

- Australian Rehsi

- Australian Lions Mane & Australian Coral Tooth

Instructions for Shiitake 

- Shiitake Kits

Instructions for Top fruiting Mushrooms types

- King Oyster

- Swordbelt / Pioppino

- Scaly Flamecap

- Nameko

- Enokkii

Instructions for our DIY kits

Large DIY PF Tek Kit & Half Pint Starter Pack 

Mono Tub Kit 

Mushroom Bulk kit / Growing Oysters on Paper pellets Guide

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