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Instructions & frequently asked questions

Instructions & frequently asked questions

Click on the links below for the instructions of each type of fruiting kit and some other helpful guides

Instructions for our Ready-to-Grow kits

PLEASE NOTE: If you are NOT using your Mushroom Kit straight away, store it in the fridge. If you are gifting the kit - Take the bag out of the box and keep it in the fridge (re-box when ready to gift). 

How to make a Mushroom Terrarium - CLICK HERE

Instructions for Side fruiting Mushroom Types - CLICK HERE

  ◾ White, Tan, Grey, Pearl, Pink, Yellow, Ulmarius, Pheonix oysters - When to harvest - CLICK HERE
  ◾ Turkey Tail
  ◾ Australian Reshi
  ◾ Australian Lions Mane & Australian Coral Tooth

→ Click here for How to YouTube Video - Side Fruiting Mushrooms

Instructions for Shiitake - CLICK HERE

  ◾ Shiitake Kits - When to harvest - CLICK HERE 

 Click here for How to YouTube Video - Shiitake Mushrooms

Instructions for Top fruiting Mushrooms types - CLICK HERE

  ◾ King Oyster
  ◾ Swordbelt / Pioppino - When to harvest - CLICK HERE
  ◾ Scaly Flamecap
  ◾ Nameko
  ◾ Enokkii

Instructions for our DIY kits

→ Large DIY PF Tek Kit & Half Pint Starter Pack - CLICK HERE

→ Mono Tub Kit - CLICK HERE

→ Mushroom Bulk kit / Growing Oysters on Paper pellets Guide - CLICK HERE

Flowhood Instructions

Flowhood assembly instructions - CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use my kit?

- All spawn and kits are ready to use as soon as they arrive.

I'm not quite ready to use my spawn or kit, can it be stored?

- If you are not ready to fruit or use your spawn please put the bag(s) in a clean cold fridge (1-5 degrees) until you are ready. Most species are fine for 1-2 months.This will put the mushrooms to sleep.

- NOTE: Pink oysters and hot weather types need to be used immediately.

- If you have purchased your mushroom kit or spawn as a gift. Keep it in the fridge until you are ready to give. 

Please Note: Mushrooms are a live culture, if you don't put them in the fridge they will grow out of the box on their own.

My kit or spawn doesn't look, right?

- All mycellium / mushrooms look & grow different depending on the species. If you are unsure please contact us via email: info@masonjarsandmushroomgroup.com.au or Facebook Messenger: @aussiemushroomsupplies.

- If you would like to send images please Facebook messenger us a picture of the bag and a close up of the sticker on the bag. We will know straight away if it is growing as it should of if there is any contamination.

- Rest assured we know what we are sending.

The temperature is different on the bag to what it says on the website?

- We list the best temperature range on the stickers that are on the kit bags. Please know that they will fruit in a wider range as per our website.

Where can I keep my mushroom kit?

- Keep your kit somewhere cool, (under 20 degrees) and humid with enough consistent light to read a book like a bathroom or a laundry with the door closed. (Excluding pink oysters).

- Pink Oyster mushrooms need to be used immediately and kept in an area over 18 degrees. 

Do mushrooms grow in the dark?

- Mushrooms need light to grow, similar to reading light. Please do not keep in a dark cupboard as they will grow malnutritious from the lack of Vitamin D and may look like something out of a sci-fi thriller.

- The best fruiting location is somewhere humid, (above 70%), with non-direct sunlight, fresh air & cool temps within the mushrooms desired range.

I received my Shiitake kit and can see mushrooms coming through. Do I still soak?

- Yes, still soak. But move quickly as the block is ready to fruit.

Why is there yellow stuff/liquid in my grow kit?

- Sometimes excess moisture can build up from the mushrooms digesting the substrate, (it is also called 'mushroom wee' and is normal).

When can I harvest my mushrooms?

- They are ready before all of the spores, (seeds), have been released. This is just before the edges of the mushroom cap turn outwards then upwards. Pick all of them at once.

How many harvests will a kit produce?

- Ready to grow Mushroom Kits can harvest 5-8 flushes depending on their environment and how you look after them.

- Harvests can vary from approx. 300-800grams per harvest depending on the species.

How long will it take for my mushroom kit to fruit?

- Nameko, Enoki, Scaley flame cap 4-6 weeks

- Oyster & Lions Mane 7-21 days

Shiitake 7-14 days

My block has dried out? What do I do?

- After 2-3 flushes your block may need re-hydrating, do this by soaking the block in cold water for 5-12 hours.

What is all of the dust dropping from my fruited block?

- These are the spores (seeds). Some people can have allergies toward spores. We suggest harvesting and consuming pre-spore release. Store them in an area that keeps you safe, (ie: bathroom, laundry or a terrarium).

The mushroom block is getting smaller each harvest? What is happening?

- The substrate block/log is the mushroom food & will break down between harvests.

How do I know my Mushroom kit isn't going to bring foreign pathogens into my home?

- All of Aussie Mushrooms kits are made in our Class-100 laboratory. We offer a 'Certificate of Sterilisation' upon request.

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