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  • Agar Plate  Agrocybe aegerita Swordbelt - Black poplar

Agar Plate Agrocybe aegerita Swordbelt - Black poplar

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Made to order  please allow 2 - 3 weeks, price includes express postage Australia wide

Characteristics: Large fruitbodies, smooth, yellowish-grey- brown, darker towards the centre.

Temperature Range : Mid: 50-65 °F (10-18 °C) fruiting temperature

Recommended Substrate: alder, poplar or other hardwood sawdust/chips; can case with peat moss.

Composted Substrates: There are two types of compost, those derived from straw bedding with horse manure and synthetic composts, which are simply composted lacking horse manure as the main ingredient, and are typically derived from wheat, oat, rice, and sorghum straws.

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