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  • 6 x Pre Sterilized Rye Grain Bags  with Injection ports

6 x Pre Sterilized Rye Grain Bags with Injection ports

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Please note, we prepare the grains on Monday morning and ship them out on Thursday. To ensure the earliest arrival, please place your order before Friday @2pm

Please note replacement policy, if bags get contaminated during shipping we will send out new bags, please note if you dont contact us within 1-2 weeks after receiving with clear photos we will not send a replacement 

as soon as they arrive, unbox them and store somewhere cool and dark below 24deg


6 x Pre Sterilized Rye Grain Bags  with Injection ports  


We hydrate the grain in gypsum fortified water for 24 hours then sterilize for 1.5 hours @ 15PSI


Simply inoculate each bag with 2-4 cc of your gourmet mushroom spore solution or 5-8 cc of liquid culture and let it grow.

If you have a flow hood you can do an agar and grain transfers


You can fruit in vitro in the bag or in a fruiting chamber as you would a standard substrate cake. Nothing could be easier. Just inoculate and wait.

For larger grows the Rye Grain bags can also be used as spawn for a bulk substrate.

Normally from inoculation to fruiting is around 4-5 weeks. 

These bags are suited for beginner and advanced mycologists.


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