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Pre Sterilized PF Tek Injection port Bags x 12 - BRF Vermiculite - Free Shipping 90% of Aus


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12 x Injection port PF Tek bags - BRF and Vermiculite

Each bag holds as much as 12 Half Pint Jars!

You should get 3 good flushes of mushrooms - after each flush rest for a week then soak the blocks in water in the fridge overnight 


Simply inject with 2 - 4ml of your favourite mushroom spores or LC and keep at 22Deg until colonised

Simply flame sterilize your needle - wipe injection port with an isopropyl swab and inject  - easy :) 


Oysters and other BRF mix loving mushrooms grow amazingly with these bags 

Phoenix oyster Pictured 

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