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Mushroom DIY Large Complete Grow Kit

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  • Grow box With water Heaters
  • Birth Box with Spray Bottle and 4Ltrs of Perlite
  • (Please note, Birth box lid may be slightly different as my supplier changes it regularly)
  • 6 wide mouth half pint jars
  • 4ltr vermiculite - optional can change to Sawdust for growing Woodloving Species 
  • 500 grams brown rice flour
  • Enough materials to do 2 batches (12 jars)
  • 2x 10ml Syringe and Needles
  • Detailed instructions


All you need is your favorite mushroom spores or L/C syringe and some household items.


 All Upgrades on the large grow kit page are added with no extra cost to postage

Oyster Ulmarius grows very easily with this kit and is highly recommended :)



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