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Welcome to Aussi Mushroom Supplies

Helping you Grow mushrooms all year round!!

Aussi Mushroom Supplies is an Australian based mushroom growing kit and Supplies Website in Melbourne. We want to help everyone in Australia big or small to grow there own mushrooms at home, we have been operating since 2008 and have had 1000's of happy customers We sell everything from mason jars to pressure cookers and agar supplies. For feedback check out my Feedback page and also my Ebay page http://stores.ebay.com.au/Ball-and-Kerr-Mason-Australia


Email troubles - between 6/3/16 - 8/3/16  we have had some emails not come through

if you have not received a reply within 24 hours please let us know / resend as we have fixed the issue

sorry for the trouble

PLEASE NOTE WE WILL EB CLOSED 10/3/16 - 13/3/16 Thanks :)

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New mushroom kits in stock, Spawn Plugs, and Made to order Spawn in lots of different species 

We have many things coming in 2015, keep and eye out over the year for more stuff, if you need any special items Please e-mail us