Commercial Mushroom Spawn Bags 2kg - 2.3kg

Commercial Mushroom Spawn Bags 2kg - 2.3kg

Making quality spawn is not as easy as most people think, our spawn is manufactured in our class 100 laboratory and guaranteed pure spawn 

This ensures strong growth and maximum yields

Our commercial mushroom spawn is specially tailored to encourage strong mycelium growth from our mushroom species and ensure fast colonisation times and strong yields 


We also offer wholesale pricing on spawn bags for regular orders

Contact us today if you have any special  requirements

Please note WA and TAS Customers Aussie Mushrooms kits and spawn have been approved to be imported into these states and all orders have our permit attached to them and there are no restrictions on our products

each Spawn bag can be used to inoculate up to 450kg of bulk "sterilised" sawdust wheat bran bags (up to 135kg or more possible depending on the strain)

or  80kg + of straw depending on your skill level and mushroom strain (10kg - 30kg+ of mushrooms)

We also have Grain master bags Available expandable 100 - 1000 times 

we recommend using the express post option if your more than 2 - 3 days shipping from melbourne and in summer for small orders

contract us re express shipping for bulk spawn option

If your a Hobby / home grower you can expand the spawn bag 10 more times if you have the right equipment, this is not recommended in a commercial setting as yields can be affected


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